How Technology Can Boost the Trucking Industry?

Like any other industries and other fields, technology is also ruling the trucking industry with its successful implementation.

Technology has made everything easier for us. From how we buy things to how we communicate, is instant now. You can access any information or data with the simple touch of a button. It is not any different with starting and managing a big business like a trucking business.

Modern technology can certainly do wonders for your trucking business. It can give you success in the ways you can hardly imagine. Also, helps to increase the management plan and employee efficiency. It can also maximize profits and reduce expenses. You can enhance customer service with the integration of the software. Fast and latest technology assures on-time reporting, accurate invoicing and flawless freight managing.

Some ways how you can use it:

Controlling & Managing Trucking Fleet

For trucking companies, this really difficult to manage and control the fleet. Private fleet operators of today are more and more under pressure to control the cost. A nationwide driver shortage and economic growth have made all the things difficult for them. But a smart idea is to use a fleet Management Software that will give you pay back very soon. From map out the fleet to fleet maintenance, a fleet Maintenance Software is surely the must-have the option to choose. There are different types of software to meet different requirements of the truckers and one can choose the one that suits their requirements best.

Automated Accounting Management in Trucking

Trucking accounting software is actually specialized software. For proper inventory and keeping eyes on the costs, this software can do wonder. One needs to keep stringent tabs on all fuel and vehicle expenditures. Nobody wants to have sleepless nights and hours to keep eyes on such things. This trucking dispatch software can easily handle all the accounting parts of a trucking business from making invoices to clear the dues or the fuel costs.

Few benefits:

Accurate numbers: You don’t need to rely on the drivers to do the arithmetic accurately Portability: With the mobile version of the software, fuel quantities and prices can be entered as you pump the gas. This will reduce the chances for error.

Accurate note-taking: Each entry has space to put additional information in. it includes the weather, idle time, and traffic conditions, etc.

Accountability: It is very easy to see when logs were made and match up calculated costs with actual costs.

Following others: You can also follow the trucks with similar specifications to yours. This is a good way to have a gauge on what mileage to expect in the near future.

Tracking Your Trucks’ Route & Mileage

For trucking business owners this is not just important but an essential task to calculate the mileage. They also need to calculate the covered roads by the truck. These all the tasks can be fulfilled with this software. A good quality IFTA mileage calculator can track the miles covered by your vehicles. It can check the fuel costs of different states and can make the calculation on the basis of that. PC Miler is the right option for the trucking companies to route map their trucks and to the where it is when it will reach. These features may help the truckers to deliver the product on time with the proper condition.

What is a Dump Truck Software?

Dump Trucks are heavyweight trucks that should be used in the construction sites. These are heavyweight trucks and tough to handle. Dump truck software is cloud-based software that can allow you to get the quotes, dispatch, maintenance, scheduling, and management of heavy haul vehicles. In the hauling industry, dump truck software is the must-have a thing. It can increase the productivity of the dispatchers and truck utilization. To reduce the expenses of the labor and the cost of vehicle maintenance, you can use the dump truck software. It saves you from unplanned breakdowns.

Effective IFTA Fuel Tax Management

The IFTA Fuel Tax software offers a lot of services to the truckers. These programs are specially designed to reduce your visits to IFTA. This software is quite helpful for the auditors also. It produces accurate mileage as well as the fuel records.

By using IFTA Tax software, you can check the daily trip miles and fuel purchases. Each month a fuel tax report can be prepared which has accurate records and helps in maintaining exact accounts. This software allows you to maintain accurate mileage reports as well as fully audited trails. You can also record the fuel taxes and send ifta reporting to the state. Thus, IFTA fuel software is extremely helpful for the users as it provides them with multiple benefits.

In this industry, the trucking tax rates may vary for every state but all the truckers must record their surcharge rates, gallons, miles, and ton-miles. The truckers are allowed to break down the rates as per the situation by using and understanding what is ifta. The MPG which stands for Miles per gallon is based upon state, fleet, and truck. Fuel tax is something that every trucking company needs to pay to run their business smoothly. They need to count the IFTA miles for cost calculation. If you know what is IRP and IFTA you can follow both the agreement with the help of this software.

Hassle-Free Freight Broker Management

Hassle-free freight broker management is actually possible if you have the right software.

The web-based smart freight brokerage software allows you to work first. It helps in taking care of business later without compromising your daily jobs. This program is designed especially so that you don’t need to install a server. The cost-effective programs can give the truckers new choices and you will have hassle-free solutions. This software is easy to handle and easy to use even for a non technological person.

TMS Software

Managing Heavy Highway Use Tax

To fill up and pay the Heavy Highway Use Tax, you need to use the 2290 form. This tax is mandatory of the truckers to pay. You can face penalties if you forgot to fill it up. This tax usually goes for the road maintenance of your cities. It needs to be paid for the wear and tear the huge vehicles cause on the public roadways. Due to their weight, continuous operation can lead to damages. There is software that can make the task easier for you. Your software can calculate the amount and can send the report on time to the government automatically.

Ideal Solution for Oilfield Trucks Management

Oilfield trucking industry usually deals with a huge number of heavyweight trucks. For the businesses, this is really difficult to manage the tickets, costs, drivers’ payments, dispatch and more at a time. There is only the Oilfield software that brings the simplest solutions on the table. No matter where your vehicle is, this software can track it, can manage tickets and dispatch. This truly the ideal solution for Oilfield trucks managements. It can make invoices, dispatch detail, etc. If your freight is on track and if you have the dispatch details, you can offer better customer service. This Field ticket software is internet-based and you can access data from anywhere and anytime.


The transportation management system is really troublesome to manage. A good quality Trucking Software is the right way to help you out. But it is important that you should select the right software because there are many features available. You need to choose the software as per your freight size, your business requirements, number of trucks, etc. You can choose the software or the web-based programs both. To get the accurate and on-time smart result, this is good to buy software with excellent features and great price. You transportation program will be hassle-free with the Trucking Software.